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SD/SB Relationship: Mutually Beneficial Relationship Or Something Else?

Interested in mutually beneficial sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships? Here, we’ll tell you everything about this kind of dating. Continue reading to find out what is sugar dating, how it works, and how common it is in the United States!

Sugar dating meaning: definition

Let’s begin with the answer to the question “what is sd/sb relationship” first. A sugar dating is a mutually beneficial relationship between a sugar daddy (typically, a financially successful man) and a sugar baby—typically, a young and attractive woman in her early 20s. Sugar babies offer companionship, dating, and (often) sex in exchange for financial support.

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Sugar relationship vs “vanilla” dating: differences

Sugar relationships have a lot in common with regular dating. Sugar babies usually want an ongoing relationship, and they basically get what girlfriends of financially stable men get. But of course, there are lots of differences.

The main difference is money. Sugar babies benefit from sugar daddies dating, and it’s almost always about the exchange of money in return for intimacy and companionship. Another huge difference is that the arrangement details are usually discussed before the meeting when it comes to sugar dating. There are more differences, of course—for example, such type of relationships imply the partners to take STD tests and they usually develop and end quite fast.

Is sugar daddy dating common in the US?

Today,  the total number of sugar babies is much higher than 10,000,000 and most of them are in their 20s. As for the demographics, sugar babies can be both male and female, but it’s usually about older upper-class men and young, attractive women.

Let’s talk about students in order to understand how common sugar dating is in the United States. College students are the best social category to talk about in this context because, cutting straight to the point, students may need money—and they can get the money from sugar dating.

Thus, at least 3,000,000 students are looking for sugar daddies or sugar mommies (statistics provided by SeekingArrangement). Almost 80% of sugar babies are women, which means there are at least 2,400,000 student sugar babies—and bearing in mind the total number of female college students in the US (11,000,000), one can easily observe that at least 21% of American female students are (or were) sugar babies.

We picked just one social category and it turned out that 1 out of 5 women from this social category has built sugar dating relationships. This, in some sense, can be considered cherry-picking because students are usually open-minded, attractive, and not financially stable yet, which leads to a positive reaction to the very idea of becoming a sugar baby. But still, that’s the best example of how common sugar dating really is in the US.

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Sugarbaby dating: pros and cons

So, what is sugar baby dating? For most sugar babies and sugar daddies, it’s all about drama-free and mutually beneficial relationships. Here’s the list of the other advantages of sugar daddy dating:

  • Sugar babies get financial support for their expenses.
  • Sugar daddies say that it’s like relationships that always remain in the honeymoon stage when things are very easy and enjoyable.
  • It’s very easy to find a sugar daddy/baby—websites like SA have millions of members with various expectations and various financial resources.

But there are some downsides, too. Here they are:

  • Sugar relationships end when a sugar daddy wants it and they don’t usually last long (not longer than 6 months usually).
  • Some sugar daddies are over-controlling.

Mutually beneficial relationship: conclusion

The main idea of sugar baby dating is exchanging money for companionship and sex (often, but not always). It isn’t the perfect option that will work for everyone—but if you’re a young and attractive woman who is ok with the idea of exchanging sex/dating for financial support or a well-established man who is ok with that idea, too, sugar dating might work perfectly well for you.