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How To Become A Sugar Daddy: Full Guide, Pros And Cons, Annual Salary

Sugar dating is a form of dating in which a sugar daddy supports a sugar baby financially (in the form of cash/gifts). Here, we’ll talk about how to become sugar daddy and about some useful details on sugar dating.

Why become sugar daddy?

There are millions of sugar daddies, and all of them have their own reasons. But typically, it’s all about the very idea of sugar dating—for most sugar daddies, the very concept of having an attractive young sexy woman around in exchange for financial support sounds worth trying. Drama-free, mutually beneficial, casual relationships without the stigma associated with sex workers—that’s what attracts most sugar daddies and sugar babies to this dating practice, according to surveys.

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Another reason why sugar daddies want to know how to become a sugar daddy and prefer sugar relationships is clear expectations. You discuss your expectations and it’s either you agree on them and stick to them, or you don’t agree to abide by them and just part your ways.

Annual salary to become a sugar daddy

Or, in other words, “how rich do I have to be to become a sugar daddy”? First of all, not all sugar daddies are super-rich—there are more than 10,000,000 sugar babies in the US, and there wouldn’t be as many of them if only the super-rich class could afford an SB. And second, the average sugar baby makes $2,800 monthly—as long as you can afford spending $2,800, you fit the requirements.

It’s generally not recommended—consider it some kind of a rule of thumb—to spend more than 5%-10% of your income on sugar dating (and bearing in mind this rule and the average price of a sugar baby that is $2,000–$3,000 for 1 month)), it’s easy to calculate an average income range for a sugar daddy ($240,000–$540,000). This goes perfectly in line with the statistics provided by Seeking Arrangement, the biggest American SD website—according to these statistics, the average sugar daddy makes $250,000 annually.

But after all, it’s your discretionary income that matters, not your disposable income. A single man making $100,000 may have more discretionary income than a man who makes $500,000 but has several mortgages, ex-wives, and lots of child support payments. So it’s not even about how much you make—it’s much more about how much you’re willing (and able to) spend on a sugar baby.

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How to become sugar daddy?

If you’re going to become sugar daddy, here’s a shortlist of steps to follow:

  1. Understand the lifestyle and the very concept of sugar dating. It’s different from regular dating and it’s not a sex-for-money exchange scenario, so you need to have realistic expectations to enjoy it. That’s one of the basic sugar daddy qualifications.
  2. Understand your budget, stick to it, and know your limits—if your annual income is $250k or less, it makes no sense looking for the sugar babies who want $5,000 or more per month.
  3. Join a sugar daddy app or website, complete your profile, and upgrade to premium membership.
  4. Start chatting with women and discuss the details if you feel chemistry. Only communicate with verified profiles (it’s extremely important).
  5. Arrange a date, go on a trip, call her. Enjoy your sugar dating relationship!


Sugar dating is not the thing that will work great for every man. But if you’re willing to (and can) spend a few thousand dollars on a woman; if you understand what sugar dating is, how it works, and why it’s different from regular dating; if you want to have a sexy, young, and very attractive sugar baby, this form of dating might be a great option for you. There are millions of beautiful sugar babies—you only need to sign up on an SD website to reach them.